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BeSafe Rear Facing Kit - Complete Safety and Comfort for Your Child

BeSafe Rear Facing Kit - Complete Safety and Comfort for Your Child

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The BeSafe Rear Facing Kit is an essential collection for parents who prioritize the safety and comfort of their child during car travel. This all-inclusive set is designed to make every journey more convenient and stress-free, while ensuring your little one is protected and content.

The kit includes a BeSafe Car Seat Protector, which is straightforward to install and fits perfectly in your vehicle. It protects your car seat from dirt and wear, especially from pressure indentations, and can be easily wiped clean. The design is compatible with ISOFIX seats and has been crash tested for maximum safety assurance.

Stay connected with your child during trips with the BeSafe Baby Mirror. Especially important for children in rear-facing car seats, this adjustable mirror allows you to maintain eye contact and monitor your child's well-being while on the road.

The set of two Sunshades is crucial for protecting your child from harsh sunlight and UV rays. Featuring UPF50+ protection, they attach easily to your rear side windows without the need for suction cups, reducing glare and keeping your child cool.

Finally, the BeSafe Belt Guard is a simple yet effective tool to keep your child securely fastened in their harness, preventing any attempts to wriggle free and enhancing your peace of mind while driving.

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Product Highlights

  • Comprehensive kit for enhanced safety and comfort during car journeys with your baby.
  • Includes BeSafe Car Seat Protector, Baby Mirror, Sunshades (set of two), and Belt Guard.
  • Car Seat Protector protects seats from dirt and pressure marks; compatible with ISOFIX seats.
  • Baby Mirror allows constant visual contact with your rear-facing child.
  • Sunshades offer UPF50+ protection, easy to attach with a static cling design.
  • Belt Guard ensures the child stays securely within the harness.
  • Ideal for use with both forward-facing and rearward-facing car seats.
  • Crash-tested accessories for the highest safety standards.


  • Car Seat Protector: Compatible with ISOFIX seats, crash-tested at 40mph.
  • Baby Mirror: Adjustable, attaches to rear headrest.
  • Sunshades: UPF50+ protection, static cling design, comes with a carry pouch.
  • Belt Guard: Attaches to the shoulder straps of BeSafe toddler car seats.
  • Tests and Awards

    All products meet safety requirements, and have been tested where applicable.

  • Fabric and Materials

    • Car Seat Protector: Constructed from durable, high-quality fabric that withstands wear and tear. The material is designed to be tough enough to protect your car seat from spills and indentations, yet gentle enough not to damage the car seat's own fabric.
    • Baby Mirror: Made with a sturdy, shatter-proof material to ensure safety and longevity. The casing is robust to withstand the vibrations and movements of the car.
    • Sunshades: Crafted from lightweight, breathable mesh fabric that provides effective sun protection while maintaining visibility. The border is reinforced for durability.
    • Belt Guard: Made from strong, flexible materials that securely hold the harness straps in place without compromising on comfort for your child.
  • Wash and Care Instructions

    • Car Seat Protector: Wipe clean with a damp cloth; avoid harsh chemicals.
    • Baby Mirror: Clean with a soft cloth and, if necessary, a mild cleaning solution.
    • Sunshades: Gently wipe with a damp cloth; do not use abrasive cleaners.
    • Belt Guard: Spot clean with mild soap and water.

FAQs or Additional Information

Is the BeSafe Rear Facing Kit compatible with all car models?

The kit is designed to be versatile and fits most car models, especially suitable for cars with ISOFIX seats.

How does the Baby Mirror enhance safety?

The Baby Mirror allows you to keep an eye on your rear-facing child, ensuring their safety and allowing for easy communication.

Are the Sunshades easy to install and remove?

Yes, the Sunshades have a static cling design, making them simple to attach, reposition, and remove without suction cups.