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BeSafe iZi Modular X1 i-Size - Versatile & Safe Car Seat for Toddlers

BeSafe iZi Modular X1 i-Size - Versatile & Safe Car Seat for Toddlers

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The BeSafe iZi Modular X1 i-Size car seat is designed for the growing family, offering both rear and forward-facing options to keep your child safe and comfortable from around 6 months to 4 years of age. It's part of the Modular concept, serving as the second seat after your child has outgrown the infant car seat.

The safety features of the iZi Modular X1 are exceptional. It includes built-in Side Impact Protection (SIP) and an additional SIP+ that easily slides onto the car seat shell, enhancing side impact protection. The unique Dynamic Force Absorber™ in the headrest optimally absorbs impact forces, ensuring maximum protection for your child's head and neck.

For practicality, the Magnetic Belt Assistants™ simplify placing your child in the seat, and the one-click installation with the iZi Modular i-Size base makes it a breeze to set up. It offers adjustable recline positions for comfort, which can be altered even after installation.

The car seat is designed for comfort as well, featuring Ergo-Move Shoulder Pads™ for more freedom of arm movement, adjustable legroom, and a Two-Fit Cushion™ for customized support. The headrest and internal belts can be adjusted in one step, and a ventilation system in the back ensures good airflow, keeping your child cool during journeys.

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Product Highlights

  • Suitable for children from approx. 6 months to 4 years (61 - 105 cm in height, max 18 kg).
  • Rear and forward-facing options for flexible use.
  • Compatible with iZi Modular i-Size Base.
  • Integrated Side Impact Protection (SIP) and SIP+ for additional safety.
  • Dynamic Force Absorber™ for optimal head protection.
  • Magnetic Belt Assistants for hassle-free in and out.
  • Ergo-Move Shoulder Pads™ for more arm movement.
  • Four recline positions and 10 headrest positions for comfort.
  • Approved under UN R129 (i-Size) regulation.


  • Child's Stature Height: 61 - 105 cm
  • Rear-facing: 61 - 105 cm; Forward-facing: 88 - 105 cm
  • Max Child Weight: 18 kg
  • Recline Positions: 4
  • Headrest Positions: 10
  • Leg Space Positions: 3
  • Car Installation: ISOfix with base
  • Approval: UN R129 (i-Size)
  • Tests and Awards

    • "Safest 2-way seat" in the ADAC test 2020 with a safety performance of 1.7 ("Very Good").
    • Great safety rating in the 2020 ÖAMTC test.
  • Fabric and Materials

    • Fabric Type: Basic
    • Material: 100% polyester (outer, inner, filling)
    • Complies with REACH standards.
  • Wash and Care Instructions

    • Machine washable at 30°C on a delicate or wool cycle.
    • Do not bleach, tumble dry, iron, or dry clean.
    • Dry flat as per label instructions on the cover.

FAQs or Additional Information

Is the iZi Modular X1 i-Size easy to switch between rear and forward-facing positions?

Yes, it offers flexible and easy switching between rear and forward-facing positions.

Can the car seat be easily moved between cars?

Yes, the separate car seat shell and ISOfix base make it easy and flexible to move between cars.

What is the maximum weight limit for the iZi Modular X1 i-Size?

The maximum weight limit is 18 kg.