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BeSafe Forward Facing Set: Complete Car Seat Accessory Kit

BeSafe Forward Facing Set: Complete Car Seat Accessory Kit

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The BeSafe Forward Facing Set is an all-in-one package designed to enhance the safety and comfort of children in forward-facing car seats. This set includes four essential accessories tailored for convenience and security.

The Protection and Play cover is both functional and fun, safeguarding the back of the front seats from dirt and wear while providing a space for children to store their toys and essentials. Its engaging design keeps children entertained during journeys.

The BeSafe Belt Guard is a critical safety component, maintaining the correct position of shoulder belts and preventing children from unbuckling the harness. It's designed for easy use and ensures children stay securely fastened in their seats.

The sun protector, easily attachable to the car window with a suction cup, provides much-needed shade, protecting children from harsh sunlight and making their ride more comfortable.

Finally, the included Baby on Board sign is a thoughtful addition, reminding other drivers to maintain safe driving practices around your vehicle.

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Product Highlights

  • Comprehensive Kit: Designed for forward-facing car seats.
  • Protection and Play Cover: Guards the front seat's back, provides toy storage.
  • BeSafe Belt Guard: Ensures shoulder belts stay in place and secures the harness.
  • Sun Protector: Attaches with a suction cup, offers shade and comfort.
  • Baby on Board Sign: Alerts fellow drivers to drive cautiously.
  • User-Friendly: Easy installation and usage.


  • Kit Components: Protection and play cover, belt guard, sun protector, baby on board sign.
  • Compatibility: Designed for forward-facing car seats.
  • Tests and Awards

    Safety Assurance: Each component designed to enhance child safety in vehicles.

  • Fabric and Materials

    • Materials: Durable, child-friendly fabrics and materials.
    • Design: Engaging and practical for children and parents alike.
  • Wash and Care Instructions

    Cleaning: Easy to clean materials, suitable for regular maintenance.

FAQs or Additional Information

How easy is it to install the sun protector?

It attaches simply with a suction cup, making installation quick and easy.

Can the belt guard be used with any forward-facing car seat?

It's designed for use with BeSafe forward-facing seats for optimal safety.

What is the purpose of the baby on board sign?

It's a safety alert for other drivers to encourage cautious driving around your vehicle.