BeSafe Newborn Haven

Our expertise on safety, comfort and ergonomics in mobility with children come to live when we now proudly introduce our second baby carrier tailormade for newborns. The BeSafe Newborn Haven is the perfect baby carrier to use during your baby’s first year and is a great addition to our range of baby carriers.

Why is it useful with a newborn carrier?

First, Newborns have specific needs during their first months. They develop a lot during this time and it is important with a carrier that supports them.

As a parent you can feel safe that your baby is correctly supported while at the same time being comfortable yourself. And let’s not forget the importance of being close. One of the most important things for a baby during its first year is the bonding between baby and parent, and using a newborn carrier is perfect for keeping your baby close. At the same time you can have your hands free to get other things done.

If you want to read more about the development of a newborn, read more here.

What makes BeSafe Newborn Haven a good choice for baby and parent?

All details are specifically made to truly support a newborn’s specific needs and to soothe our smallest ones when they need it the most.

With a newborn you don’t want to compromise on the ergonomics, as the first year is a very important year in the baby’s development. With Newborn Haven you can rest assured that your baby gets the optimal support which also can be adjusted as the baby grows.

For the most comfortable carrier experience for you and your baby we worked with experts and real families during the development. The carrier is made of super soft materials, feels like a sling and have a lot of features that gives you a nice time together.

Many parents can be scared by the thought of putting on a carrier. With Newborn Haven this is not an issue any longer as it is both intuitive and easy to use.

At BeSafe we care about the future. A lot. And we have therefore made the baby carrier with environmental friendly and durable materials to make sure we do what we can to take care of the planet.